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Due to the recent pandemic, the world we live in has changed in a very rapid way. As a runner, it has been a strange spring to go without any races, which appears to carry on through at least the first part of the summer. The open schedule left from cancellations has led to some new opportunities. The virtual Last Man Standing race being one of those opportunities.

Unable to race in person and no race in the next months, I have decided to throw my hat in on this race. The format is pretty straight forward: run a 4.2-mile loop every hour on the hour until only one person remains, when someone fails to complete the loop in the hour results in elimination. It is a grueling format with a recent race with a similar format lasting over 60 hours!

I am choosing the Great Plains Food Bank because of the recent Covid-19 outbreak. Some of us have been fortunate enough to be able to work from home and maintain our income, while others have not been so fortunate and as a result, have struggled to put food on the table. The Great Plains Food Bank provides food for those in need in North Dakota (my home state) and western Minnesota. Unlike a traditional food drive, monetary donations can provide more meals (each dollar can provide three meals) and allow the food bank to purchase what they need instead of always getting the same items.

Any amount that you can give will help! Just think a single dollar is three meals! That is quite incredible. I hope that you will consider donating to my fundraiser and watch me compete in the Last Man Standing virtual race on June 6th. More details on how to watch the race and other “promos” will be announced on my Facebook page.

Thanks again for your support. While I hope to be the last man standing in the race, I hope that we all can stand together during this time of need.

Jacob Gallagher

P.S. Even if you are donating upfront (i.e., not pledging per lap), still guess as to how many laps I will complete to be eligible for any prizes:

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  • Stretching Your Dollars

    Donations made through our virtual food drive arrive at the Great Plains Food Bank as cash donations where each product represents the incredible impact your dollars have. For every dollar donated, we are able to provide three meals and can stretch each cent farther than a traditional food drive.

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