Environmental & Conservation Sciences_Virtual Food Drive

My Goal

$6,174 of $6,000

Students and faculty associated with the ECS Graduate Program at NDSU are asking you to help us fight hunger in our community. Every dollar you give will provide not only the gift of food, but the gift of hope for food-insecure children and families.

COVID-19 Emergency Food Box
In response to the COVID-19 outbreak we are assembling emergency food boxes consisting of 25lbs of high need shelf stable items. These boxes are being distributed to those affected by recent events and in need of food assistance.

Price: $40.00

General Donation
Make a general donation to help the Great Plains Food Bank programs and services.

Enter Donation Amount:

Donation helps provide 15 cans of soup to families in need.

Price: $5.00

Peanut Butter
Provide a much needed high protein item like peanut butter to help feed hungry families.

Price: $5.00

Canned Fruits and Vegetables
Enough to provide 12 cans of fruits and vegetables to those in need.

Price: $5.00

Rice and Potatoes
Help to provide $10 worth of rice and potatoes to benefit Great Plains Food Bank programs and services.

Price: $10.00

Fresh produce
Helps us distribute 25 pounds of fresh donated produce.

Price: $10.00

Paper Products
Provides $12 worth of toilet paper, paper towels and napkins to help struggling families.

Price: $12.00

With this gift we are able to provide more than 30 boxes of pasta to help feed those in need.

Price: $15.00

Personal Hygiene Products
Those struggling with food insecurity struggle with other necessities as well. Help provide $20 worth of hygiene products.

Price: $20.00

Boxed Dinners
Your donation represents $18 boxed dinners to help feed an entire family.

Price: $18.00

Provide enough diapers for one baby for an entire month.

Price: $48.00

GPFB PROGRAMS: Rural food assistance
Provides 15 meals to be distributed through our Pop-up Perishable and Mobile Food Pantry distributions.

Price: $5.00

GPFB PROGRAMS: BackPack Program
Support one child in our BackPack Program for an entire year.

Price: $190.00

  • Our Donors
    • Craig Stockwell

    • Jan Terfehr

    • Makenzie Stockwell

    • Carin Engler

    • Kate Nelson DeShaw

    • Jennifer Young

    • Anonymous

    • Kimberly Booth

    • Maria-Claudia Tomany

    • Victoria Christensen

    • Timothy Greives

    • Anonymous

    • Mallory White

    • Angela Hodgson

    • Kendra Greenlee

    • Jim Stockwell

    • Jane Schuh

    • Tonoy Das

    • Anonymous

    • Eakalak Khan

    • Anonymous

    • Anonymous

    • Polly Olson

    • Marinus Otte

    • Christine and Logan Cornish

    • Anonymous

    • Jiha Kim

    • Cody Anderson

    • Ann Fredrickson

    • Heather Ummel-Wagner

    • Anonymous

    • Yuxiang Yuan

    • Rebecca Young

    • Mac Butler & Carol Pearson

    • Kristen Almen

    • Anonymous

    • Linda Birmingham

    • Brian Wisenden

    • Carol Anderson

    • Brenda Kien

    • Kalidas Shetty

    • Brenda, Mark and Lucy Kien

    • Annaka Clement

    • Lydia Tackett

    • Erin Gillam

    • Mosammat Khanaum

    • Ben Laabs

    • Marissa Ahlering

    • Giancarlo Lopez

    • Maria-Claudia Tomany

    • Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat

    • Maria-Claudia Tomany

    • Verena Theile

  • Stretching Your Dollars

    Donations made through our virtual food drive arrive at the Great Plains Food Bank as cash donations where each product represents the incredible impact your dollars have and will positively impact those seeking food assistance in your community.

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